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The following list represents ratings that have been updated:

  • Company Update - indicates entities whose Financial Strength and/or Issuer Credit Ratings (credit ratings) have been updated or Rating Units which have had their member companies' credit ratings updated, which include initial credit ratings and may include updates to existing debt and assignment of new debt ratings, if applicable.

  • Issue Credit Ratings Only - entities which have had Issue Credit Ratings assigned for recently issued debt instruments only and does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entity itself.

  • Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA) - is an independent opinion on the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or a proposed transaction or financing structure primarily based on business plans, term sheets, and A.M. Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. A.M. Best does not define a PCA as a Credit Rating; however, the assessment is expressed using the existing Best's Credit Rating scales.

Simply select the "Entity / Rating Unit" to access the company profile page, which provides access to Rating Units and members, individually rated companies or debt issuers. The profile page includes contact and core information on the entity, along with the complete credit rating details. Please use our Advanced Search for more options to locate Best's Credit Ratings.

Jul 16, 2019091918Milli Reasurans Turk Anonim SirketiCompany Update
Jul 16, 2019007034Security Mutual Life Insurance Co of NYCompany Update
Jul 15, 2019003133American Agricultural Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 14, 2019012582Wright National Flood Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019087112Gulf Insurance LimitedCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019018396Charter Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019078113Validus Reinsurance, Ltd.Company Update
Jul 12, 2019094226Thaire Life Assurance Public Co LtdCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019058702American International Group, Inc.Company Update
Jul 12, 2019092486Provident Insurance Corporation LimitedCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019070342AIG Life & Retirement GroupCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019005953AIG Property Casualty Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019086916Massy United Insurance Ltd.Company Update
Jul 12, 2019087438London General Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019084203London General Life Company LimitedCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019048932Lloyd's Synd 2010 (Cathedral Undrwr Ltd)Company Update
Jul 12, 2019048339Lloyd's Synd 2003 (Catlin Undrw Agc Ltd)Company Update
Jul 12, 2019060366Unified Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 12, 2019059237MassMutual Global Funding IIIssue Credit Ratings Only
Jul 12, 2019052624TWG Europe LimitedCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019006744Motorists Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019093065Active Capital Reinsurance, Ltd.Company Update
Jul 11, 2019018236Motorists Insurance PoolCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019078421Assured Guaranty Re Overseas Ltd.Company Update
Jul 11, 2019018214Western Surety GroupCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019018313CNA Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019058705CNA Financial CorporationCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019010566North Country Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019091065Union Medical Benefits Society LimitedCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019018683North American Casualty GroupCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019085618SIAT Società Italiana Assic e RiassicCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019086327UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A.Company Update
Jul 11, 2019094051DB Insurance Co., Ltd.Company Update
Jul 11, 2019058320Munich Re America CorporationCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019011448Pacific Indemnity Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019018518Lititz Group of Mutual Insurance CosCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019086577Munich Reinsurance CompanyCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019067476Optimum Reassurance IncCompany Update
Jul 11, 2019003376Farmers Mutual Fire Ins Co of Salem CtyCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019007053Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance CoCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019093754Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance CoCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019018799MedPro GroupCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019051215Society of Lloyd'sCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019085202Lloyd'sCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019058052Humana Inc.Company Update
Jul 10, 2019069191Humana Health of Puerto Rico GroupCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019070833Humana Dental GroupCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019070832Humana Health GroupCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019008827Catholic Life InsuranceCompany Update
Jul 10, 2019070966Vision Service Plan GroupCompany Update
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