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Jun 05, 2020001934Spartan Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 05, 2020059238MassMutual Global Funding, LLCCompany Update
Jun 05, 2020059237MassMutual Global Funding IICompany Update
Jun 05, 2020069702Massachusetts Mutual Life GroupCompany Update
Jun 05, 2020091459Armour Secure Insurance S.A. de C.V.Company Update
Jun 05, 2020084822CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Jun 05, 2020092912Quálitas Compañía de Seguros SA de CVCompany Update
Jun 05, 2020069925Fidelity Security GroupCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020008005ELCO Mutual Life and AnnuityCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020010704Paratransit Insurance Co, A Mutual RRGCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020087148Through Transport Mutual Ins Assoc LtdCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020059221New York Life Global FundingIssue Credit Ratings Only
Jun 04, 2020069154Health Care Service Corporation GroupCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020069533Sentry Life Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020018290FCCI Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020000086Sentry Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020033900Third Point Re (USA) Holdings Inc.Company Update
Jun 04, 2020058563Third Point Reinsurance Ltd.Company Update
Jun 04, 2020086776EQ Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020095065Union Insurance Company LtdCompany Update
Jun 04, 2020022321Spinnaker Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020008161GBU Financial LifeCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020018887Church Mutual Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020006008Thrivent Financial for LutheransCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020090599Credendo - Single Risk Insurance AGCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020018829LAMMICO GroupCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020046504ICC Holdings, Inc.Company Update
Jun 03, 2020000492Illinois Casualty CompanyCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020006135Triple-S Blue, Inc., I.I.Company Update
Jun 03, 2020020218Triple-S Management GroupCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020050905Triple-S Management CorporationCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020004910Buckeye Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 03, 2020033824Fidelis Insurance Holdings LimitedCompany Update
Jun 02, 2020000246Central Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Jun 02, 2020092884M&C General Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Jun 02, 2020002251Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 02, 2020085496Energy Insurance Mutual LimitedCompany Update
Jun 01, 2020000617Mennonite Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
May 29, 2020018009Harford Mutual Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
May 29, 2020050800Pacific LifeCorpCompany Update
May 29, 2020059218Pacific Life Funding, LLCCompany Update
May 29, 2020059219Pacific Life Global FundingCompany Update
May 29, 2020069720Pacific Life GroupCompany Update
May 29, 2020056001National Guaranty Ins Co of VermontCompany Update
May 29, 2020071365Redbridge Insurance Company Ltd.Company Update
May 29, 2020084340Consumer Insurance Services LimitedCompany Update
May 29, 2020018496Frankenmuth Insurance GroupCompany Update
May 29, 2020008973Patriot Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
May 29, 2020092785Tune Protect Re Ltd.Company Update
May 29, 2020086195Bangkok Insurance Public Company LimitedCompany Update
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Rating Descriptor Definitions

Company Update: Applies to entities whose Best’s Financial Strength Ratings and/or Best’s Issuer Credit Ratings have been updated, or Rating Units whose member companies’ credit ratings have been updated. Includes initial credit ratings. May include new Best’s Issue Credit Ratings or updates to existing Best’s Issue Credit Ratings.

Issue Credit Ratings Only: Applies only to entities for which Best’s Issue Credit Ratings have been assigned for recently issued debt instruments. Does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entities themselves.

Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA): An independent opinion of the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or proposed transaction or financing structure, based primarily on business plans, term sheets, and AM Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. AM Best does not define a PCA as a credit rating, though the assessment is expressed using the Best’s Credit Rating scale.

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