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The following list represents ratings that have been updated:

  • Company Update - indicates entities whose Financial Strength and/or Issuer Credit Ratings (credit ratings) have been updated or Rating Units which have had their member companies' credit ratings updated, which include initial credit ratings and may include updates to existing debt and assignment of new debt ratings, if applicable.

  • Issue Credit Ratings Only - entities which have had Issue Credit Ratings assigned for recently issued debt instruments only and does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entity itself.

  • Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA) - is an independent opinion on the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or a proposed transaction or financing structure primarily based on business plans, term sheets, and A.M. Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. A.M. Best does not define a PCA as a Credit Rating; however, the assessment is expressed using the existing Best's Credit Rating scales.

Simply select the "Entity / Rating Unit" to access the company profile page, which provides access to Rating Units and members, individually rated companies or debt issuers. The profile page includes contact and core information on the entity, along with the complete credit rating details. Please use our Advanced Search for more options to locate Best's Credit Ratings.

Oct 19, 2018003785Service Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Oct 19, 2018057453IAT Reinsurance Company Ltd.Company Update
Oct 19, 2018018240Harco National GroupCompany Update
Oct 19, 2018084142Seguros Catalana Occidente, S.A.Company Update
Oct 19, 2018077302Atradius N.V.Company Update
Oct 19, 2018077673European Liab Ins for the Nuclear IndCompany Update
Oct 19, 2018018254HAI GroupCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018002664Adriatic Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018059253Metropolitan Life Global Funding ICompany Update
Oct 18, 2018059253Metropolitan Life Global Funding IIssue Credit Ratings Only
Oct 18, 2018058175MetLife IncCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018006305Delaware American Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018092935MetLife Global Benefits, Ltd.Company Update
Oct 18, 2018020389Guardian Life & Health GroupCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018070831SafeGuard Health GroupCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018003933MetLife Auto & Home GroupCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018069609Metropolitan Life Insurance GroupCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018055035Guardian Life Global FundingCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018002967ICW PoolCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018092954Capital Life Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018092953Capital General Insurance Company LtdCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018090716Dubai National Insurance & Reinsur PSCCompany Update
Oct 18, 2018085412United India Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Oct 17, 2018092427Marble Reinsurance CorporationCompany Update
Oct 17, 2018058324Argo Group US, Inc.Company Update
Oct 17, 2018058448Argo Group International Holdings, LtdCompany Update
Oct 17, 2018055015Mutual Protection TrustCompany Update
Oct 17, 2018075788Cooperative of American Phys Ins CoCompany Update
Oct 17, 2018004766Farmers Mut Fire Ins Co McCandless TwspCompany Update
Oct 16, 2018000551Western Reserve PoolCompany Update
Oct 16, 2018004009Ameriprise P&C CompaniesCompany Update
Oct 16, 2018059632Northwind Holdings, LLCIssue Credit Ratings Only
Oct 16, 2018033986Coface SACompany Update
Oct 16, 2018018644ISMIE Mutual GroupCompany Update
Oct 16, 2018002578Texas Lawyers' Insurance ExchangeCompany Update
Oct 16, 2018003326Greater New York GroupCompany Update
Oct 15, 2018090166Trust International Insur & Reins Co BSCCompany Update
Oct 12, 2018058003Aflac IncorporatedIssue Credit Ratings Only
Oct 12, 2018056744Sooner Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Oct 12, 2018056736Rembrandt Insurance Company, LtdCompany Update
Oct 12, 2018090115Eni Insurance Designated Activity CoCompany Update
Oct 12, 2018089625Luen Fung Hang Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Oct 11, 2018051283Validus Holdings, Ltd.Company Update
Oct 11, 2018078113Validus Reinsurance, Ltd.Company Update
Oct 11, 2018059225Jackson Natl Life Global FundingCompany Update
Oct 11, 2018059224Jackson Natl Life Funding, LLCCompany Update
Oct 11, 2018059225Jackson Natl Life Global FundingIssue Credit Ratings Only
Oct 11, 2018069578Jackson National GroupCompany Update
Oct 11, 2018055430Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd.Company Update
Oct 11, 2018033224Peña Verde, S.A.B.Company Update
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