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The following list represents ratings that have been updated:

  • Company Update - indicates entities whose Financial Strength and/or Issuer Credit Ratings (credit ratings) have been updated or Rating Units which have had their member companies' credit ratings updated, which include initial credit ratings and may include updates to existing debt and assignment of new debt ratings, if applicable.

  • Issue Credit Ratings Only - entities which have had Issue Credit Ratings assigned for recently issued debt instruments only and does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entity itself.

  • Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA) - is an independent opinion on the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or a proposed transaction or financing structure primarily based on business plans, term sheets, and A.M. Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. A.M. Best does not define a PCA as a Credit Rating; however, the assessment is expressed using the existing Best's Credit Rating scales.

Simply select the "Entity / Rating Unit" to access the company profile page, which provides access to Rating Units and members, individually rated companies or debt issuers. The profile page includes contact and core information on the entity, along with the complete credit rating details. Please use our Advanced Search for more options to locate Best's Credit Ratings.

Jan 17, 2019091585Adamjee Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Jan 17, 2019003918GuideOne Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Jan 17, 2019058482Unico American CorporationCompany Update
Jan 17, 2019001889Crusader Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 17, 2019011397Eastern Dentists Ins Co A Dental Soc RRGCompany Update
Jan 17, 2019010646Middle States Insurance Company IncCompany Update
Jan 16, 2019006616Knights of ColumbusCompany Update
Jan 16, 2019012534California Earthquake AuthorityCompany Update
Jan 16, 2019000431Oregon Mutual GroupCompany Update
Jan 16, 2019064050QCA Health Plan, Inc.Company Update
Jan 16, 2019091784Seguros Monterrey New York Life SA de CVCompany Update
Jan 16, 2019077263Grupo Mexicano de Seguros, S.A. de C.V.Company Update
Jan 16, 2019091478Afianzadora Sofimex, S.A.Company Update
Jan 16, 2019084184South China Insurance Co LtdCompany Update
Jan 16, 2019000221Brotherhood Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 14, 2019007521Southern Pioneer Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 14, 2019006680American Modern Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 11, 2019000716Northern Neck Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 11, 2019086939Hong Leong Insurance (Asia) LimitedCompany Update
Jan 11, 2019090190Axeria Re LimitedCompany Update
Jan 11, 2019083186Axéria PrévoyanceCompany Update
Jan 11, 2019086486HDI Global Specialty SECompany Update
Jan 11, 2019007299Gerber Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 10, 2019092888Aserta Seguros Vida, S.A. de C.V.Company Update
Jan 10, 2019052137Grupo Financiero Aserta, S.A. de C.V.Company Update
Jan 10, 2019093308Aseguradora Aserta, S.A. de C.V.Company Update
Jan 10, 2019095287Energy Risk Indemnity Reinsurance Inc.Company Update
Jan 10, 2019086455London Life & General Reinsurance DACCompany Update
Jan 10, 2019084304Canada Life International Re DACCompany Update
Jan 10, 2019018587Atain Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Jan 10, 2019083077Generali France S.A.Company Update
Jan 10, 2019085124Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.Company Update
Jan 10, 2019002721Daily Underwriters of AmericaCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019058030CNO Financial Group, Inc.Company Update
Jan 09, 2019069803CNO Financial GroupCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019095187Lumen Re Ltd.Company Update
Jan 09, 2019018761Florida Family GroupCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019003237Wolverine Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019000951Vermont Mutual GroupCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019004811Affinity Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019001776American Inter-Fidelity ExchangeCompany Update
Jan 09, 2019002717Fireman's Fund Ins Co of Hawaii, Inc.Company Update
Jan 08, 2019046431Global Indemnity LimitedCompany Update
Jan 08, 2019005683Cumberland Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jan 08, 2019011194Oswego County Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 07, 2019010802Northwest Dentists Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 07, 2019010690Dentists Benefits Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 04, 2019086363CIGNA Life Insurance New Zealand LimitedCompany Update
Jan 04, 2019083121CIGNA Life Ins Co of Europe S.A.-N.V.Company Update
Jan 04, 2019044026Cigna CorporationIssue Credit Ratings Only
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