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The following list represents ratings that have been updated:

  • Company Update - indicates entities whose Financial Strength and/or Issuer Credit Ratings (credit ratings) have been updated or Rating Units which have had their member companies' credit ratings updated, which include initial credit ratings and may include updates to existing debt and assignment of new debt ratings, if applicable.

  • Issue Credit Ratings Only - entities which have had Issue Credit Ratings assigned for recently issued debt instruments only and does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entity itself.

  • Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA) - is an independent opinion on the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or a proposed transaction or financing structure primarily based on business plans, term sheets, and A.M. Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. A.M. Best does not define a PCA as a Credit Rating; however, the assessment is expressed using the existing Best's Credit Rating scales.

Simply select the "Entity / Rating Unit" to access the company profile page, which provides access to Rating Units and members, individually rated companies or debt issuers. The profile page includes contact and core information on the entity, along with the complete credit rating details. Please use our Advanced Search for more options to locate Best's Credit Ratings.

Jun 17, 2019018829LAMMICO GroupCompany Update
Jun 17, 2019078636Doha Insurance Group Q.P.S.C.Company Update
Jun 14, 2019006329Empire Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019093505Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co LtdCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019047972Lloyd's Synd 510 Tokio Marine Kiln SyndCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019006292Cotton States Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019008448Bankers Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019008502Colorado Bankers Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019003712Center Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 14, 2019050095Chubb INA Holdings Inc.Issue Credit Ratings Only
Jun 14, 2019069640American Fidelity GroupCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019018760Fire Districts Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019058505The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.Company Update
Jun 13, 2019070471Prosperity Life GroupCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019004861Hanover Insurance Grp Prop & Cas CosCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019008051Trans-City Life Insurance CoCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019018347Dakota GroupCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019000371Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of NECompany Update
Jun 13, 2019011062Trans City Casualty Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019033945GuideWell Mutual Holding CorporationCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019070909Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida GrpCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019053043Athene Holding Ltd.Issue Credit Ratings Only
Jun 13, 2019070882Physicians Health Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019011655California Casualty Compensation Ins CoCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019003335California Casualty GroupCompany Update
Jun 13, 2019009027SWBC Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019001850United Security Assurance Company of PACompany Update
Jun 12, 2019004910Buckeye Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019091509Junto Resseguros S.A.Company Update
Jun 12, 2019011339Louisiana Workers' Compensation CorpCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019009370Starmount Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019058110Unum GroupIssue Credit Ratings Only
Jun 12, 2019058110Unum GroupCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019006900Unum Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019069743Unum Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019018359Coverys CompaniesCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019011431The Mutual Risk Retention Group, Inc.Company Update
Jun 12, 2019052484WT Holdings, Inc.Company Update
Jun 12, 2019011556Evergreen National Indemnity CompanyCompany Update
Jun 12, 2019018606Stillwater Ins GroupCompany Update
Jun 11, 2019058364Fairfax Financial Holdings LimitedIssue Credit Ratings Only
Jun 11, 2019087054Insurance Company of Prince Edward IsCompany Update
Jun 11, 2019051849Echelon Financial Holdings Inc.Company Update
Jun 11, 2019000600Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance CoCompany Update
Jun 11, 2019003943Western National Insurance PoolCompany Update
Jun 11, 2019069925Fidelity Security GroupCompany Update
Jun 11, 2019005715Cameron Mutual GroupCompany Update
Jun 11, 2019013874Nations Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 10, 2019018563Builders Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 07, 2019058030CNO Financial Group, Inc.Issue Credit Ratings Only
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