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The following list represents ratings that have been updated:
  • Company Update - indicates entities whose Financial Strength and/or Issuer Credit Ratings (credit ratings) have been updated or Rating Units which have had their member companies' credit ratings updated, which include initial credit ratings and may include updates to existing debt and assignment of new debt ratings, if applicable.

  • Issue Credit Ratings Only - entities which have had Issue Credit Ratings assigned for recently issued debt instruments only and does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entity itself.
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Jun 22, 2018073921StateTrust Life and Annuities, LimitedCompany Update
Jun 22, 2018093065Active Capital Reinsurance, Ltd.Company Update
Jun 22, 2018087809ERIKA Försäkringsaktiebolag (publ)Company Update
Jun 22, 2018056958Solen Versicherungen AGCompany Update
Jun 22, 2018008827Catholic Life InsuranceCompany Update
Jun 22, 2018092954Capital Life Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Jun 22, 2018092953Capital General Insurance Company LtdCompany Update
Jun 22, 2018000672National American Insurance Company (OK)Company Update
Jun 21, 2018069913Life of the South GroupCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018018686Fortegra P&C GroupCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018067476Optimum Reassurance IncCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018011431The Mutual Risk Retention Group, Inc.Company Update
Jun 21, 2018051608Wilton Re LtdCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018059544Wilton Re Finance LLCCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018070435Wilton Re GroupCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018085618SIAT Società Italiana Assic e RiassicCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018086327UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A.Company Update
Jun 21, 2018092785Tune Protect Re Ltd.Company Update
Jun 21, 2018058106UnitedHealth Group IncorporatedIssue Credit Ratings Only
Jun 21, 2018058106UnitedHealth Group IncorporatedCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018069184Sierra Health GroupCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018070829UnitedHealth Dental GroupCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018069183UnitedHealthcare CompaniesCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018086245Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan IncCompany Update
Jun 21, 2018011399Terra Insurance Company (A RRG )Company Update
Jun 20, 2018009606SPJSTCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018085197American International Reins. Co, LtdCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018058702American International Group, Inc.Company Update
Jun 20, 2018091421AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.Company Update
Jun 20, 2018091430AIG Insurance Hong Kong LimitedCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018005953AIG Property Casualty US Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018011631Discovery Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018070342AIG Life & Retirement GroupCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018004283Erie Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018011441Progressive Freedom Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018018638Progressive Direct PoolCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018018673Progressive Commercial Auto GroupCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018018637Progressive Agency PoolCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018000547National Continental Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018058454Progressive CorporationCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018007276Erie Family Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018064300HealthSpring of Tennessee, Inc.Company Update
Jun 20, 2018009495MII Life Insurance, IncorporatedCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018070913Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota GrpCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018068784HealthSpring of Alabama, Inc.Company Update
Jun 20, 2018018518Lititz Group of Mutual Insurance CosCompany Update
Jun 20, 2018083936Tryggingamidstodin hf.Company Update
Jun 19, 2018001850United Security Assurance Company of PACompany Update
Jun 19, 2018004489Farmers Insurance Company of FlemingtonCompany Update
Jun 15, 2018012498Global Liberty Insurance Co of NYCompany Update
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