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Recent Assessment Activity

The following list represents assessments that have been updated:

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Sep 22, 2023041025Excess Reinsurance Underwriters Inc.Initial Assessment
Sep 08, 2023041003Delta International LimitedCompany Update
Aug 16, 2023041022Corin Underwriting LimitedInitial Assessment
May 12, 2023041002First Indemnity Insurance Agency, Inc.Company Update
Apr 21, 2023041000Cargo Risk CorporationCompany Update
Apr 20, 2023041001Castel Underwriting Agencies LimitedCompany Update
Oct 03, 2022041013Amwins GroupInitial Assessment
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Assessment Descriptor Definitions

Company Update: Applies to entities whose Best's Performance Assessment have been updated, or Assessment Units whose member companies' performance assessments have been updated.
Initial Assessment: Applies to the initial release of a Best's Performance Assessment, for entities or Assessment Units member companies.