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Sep 22, 2021003848Lawyers Mutual Liability Ins Co of NCCompany Update
Sep 22, 2021075126Ardellis Insurance Ltd.Company Update
Sep 22, 2021086155SCOR SECompany Update
Sep 21, 2021091639Ørsted Insurance A/SCompany Update
Sep 21, 2021084104BF&M LimitedCompany Update
Sep 20, 2021070845Delta Dental of Iowa GroupCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021058413MGIC Investment CorporationCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021008449Bupa Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021046638Ascot Group LimitedCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021078090BUPA México Cía de Seguros SA de CVCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021087145Seguros Suramericana S.A.Company Update
Sep 17, 2021069155Highmark Inc. GroupCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021010086Highmark Casualty Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021070867United Concordia Companies GroupCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021086106XL Bermuda LtdCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021008715Prudential Annuities Life Assurance CorpCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021095941COSCO SHIPPING Captive Insurance Co LtdCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021071975GIC Perestrakhovanie LLCCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021074545General Insurance Corporation of IndiaCompany Update
Sep 17, 2021059221New York Life Global FundingIssue Credit Ratings Only
Sep 16, 2021087112Gulf Insurance LimitedCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021058707Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.Issue Credit Ratings Only
Sep 16, 2021002688First Indemnity of America Insurance CoCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021004740American Sentinel Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021013086SU Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021086916Massy United Insurance Ltd.Company Update
Sep 16, 2021086815Coralisle Group Ltd.Company Update
Sep 16, 2021055018Farm Credit System Assn Captive Ins CoCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021091397Samsung Vina Insurance Co., Ltd.Company Update
Sep 16, 2021091075PT Asuransi Samsung TuguCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021091577Samsung Reinsurance Pte. Ltd.Company Update
Sep 16, 2021093102Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co LtdCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021075015Fortegra Indemnity Insurance Company LTDCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021069913Life of the South GroupCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021018686Fortegra P&C GroupCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021091826Co-operative Life LimitedCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021078699Foundation Life (NZ) LimitedCompany Update
Sep 16, 2021003023CSE Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021076359Heartland Fidelity Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021060007Best Meridian Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021000515Inland Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021095847Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company B.S.C.Company Update
Sep 15, 2021004298AMEX Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021052894First American Financial CorporationCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021018363First American Title Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021058405Markel CorporationCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021018604State National GroupCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021087119Markel Bermuda LimitedCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021003191Markel North America Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 15, 2021048945Lloyd's Synd 3000 (Markel Synd Mgmt)Company Update
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Rating Descriptor Definitions

Company Update: Applies to entities whose Best’s Financial Strength Ratings and/or Best’s Issuer Credit Ratings have been updated, or Rating Units whose member companies’ credit ratings have been updated. Includes initial credit ratings. May include new Best’s Issue Credit Ratings or updates to existing Best’s Issue Credit Ratings.

Issue Credit Ratings Only: Applies only to entities for which Best’s Issue Credit Ratings have been assigned for recently issued debt instruments. Does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entities themselves.

Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA): An independent opinion of the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or proposed transaction or financing structure, based primarily on business plans, term sheets, and AM Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. AM Best does not define a PCA as a credit rating, though the assessment is expressed using the Best’s Credit Rating scale.

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