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Apr 21, 2021018390Old Republic Title Insurance GroupCompany Update
Apr 21, 2021006863Old Republic Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 21, 2021002976Old Republic Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Apr 21, 2021086563Old Republic Insurance Company of CanadaCompany Update
Apr 21, 2021000706Norfolk & Dedham Group PoolCompany Update
Apr 20, 2021018605Hallmark Insurance GroupCompany Update
Apr 20, 2021051075Hallmark Financial Services, Inc.Company Update
Apr 20, 2021003225Baltimore Equitable SocietyCompany Update
Apr 20, 2021018331Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Ins CompaniesCompany Update
Apr 19, 2021018670Lancer Insurance GroupCompany Update
Apr 19, 2021050730Sammons Financial Group, Inc.Issue Credit Ratings Only
Apr 19, 2021044864Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Inc.Company Update
Apr 19, 2021007075Standard Security Life Ins Co of NYCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021066533Industrial Alliance Pacific Gen Ins CorpCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021001791Dealers Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021070453IA American Life GroupCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021067450Industrial Alliance Ins & Financial SvcsCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021069790Ameritas Life GroupCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021060315EquiTrust Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021018729Builders Mutual Insurance GroupCompany Update
Apr 16, 2021059237MassMutual Global Funding IIIssue Credit Ratings Only
Apr 15, 2021000220Brethren Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 15, 2021000787Providence Mutual Fire Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 15, 2021000174Arrow Mutual Liability Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 15, 2021010638Machinery Ins, An Assessable Mut InsurerCompany Update
Apr 15, 2021012380McMillan-Warner Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 15, 2021090622Shinkong Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Apr 15, 2021078177Oman Insurance Company P.S.C.Company Update
Apr 15, 2021090718National General Insurance Co (PJSC)Company Update
Apr 14, 2021059221New York Life Global FundingIssue Credit Ratings Only
Apr 14, 2021046503NI Holdings, Inc.Company Update
Apr 14, 2021018543Nodak Insurance GroupCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021000209Bear River Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021018618Merchants Bonding Co (Mutual) GroupCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021009495MII Life Insurance, IncorporatedCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021085637Tugu Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021000353Farm Bureau Mutual Ins Co of ArkansasCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021011418New York Municipal Insurance ReciprocalCompany Update
Apr 14, 2021076154Allied Professionals Ins Co, A RRG, Inc.Company Update
Apr 13, 2021003245National Fire and Indemnity ExchangeCompany Update
Apr 13, 2021058003Aflac IncorporatedIssue Credit Ratings Only
Apr 13, 2021066802Western Life Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 13, 20210225027710 Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 13, 2021018868Clear Blue Insurance GroupCompany Update
Apr 09, 2021085452Qatar General Insurance & Reins Co QPSCCompany Update
Apr 08, 2021000561Louisiana Farm Bureau Mutual Ins CoCompany Update
Apr 08, 2021000381BlueShore Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 08, 2021012359Tower Hill Prime Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 08, 2021004717Juniata Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Apr 08, 2021092650CESCE Fianzas México, S.A. de C.V.Company Update
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Rating Descriptor Definitions

Company Update: Applies to entities whose Best’s Financial Strength Ratings and/or Best’s Issuer Credit Ratings have been updated, or Rating Units whose member companies’ credit ratings have been updated. Includes initial credit ratings. May include new Best’s Issue Credit Ratings or updates to existing Best’s Issue Credit Ratings.

Issue Credit Ratings Only: Applies only to entities for which Best’s Issue Credit Ratings have been assigned for recently issued debt instruments. Does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entities themselves.

Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA): An independent opinion of the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or proposed transaction or financing structure, based primarily on business plans, term sheets, and AM Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. AM Best does not define a PCA as a credit rating, though the assessment is expressed using the Best’s Credit Rating scale.

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