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Oct 02, 2023074949Hagerty Reinsurance LimitedCompany Update
Oct 02, 2023095201Tanzania Reinsurance Company LtdCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023022601Dover Bay Specialty Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023018683North American Casualty GroupCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023014024Constitution Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023018236Encova Mutual Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023055430Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd.Company Update
Sep 29, 2023004298AMEX Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023003237Wolverine Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023091065Union Medical Benefits Society LimitedCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023023287ClearPath Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 29, 2023085029Taiping Reinsurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023003020Zenith National Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023046638Ascot Group LimitedCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023043198Athene Co-Invest Reins Affiliate 2B Ltd.Company Update
Sep 28, 2023043197Athene Co-Invest Reins Affiliate 2A Ltd.Company Update
Sep 28, 2023018155Topa Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023089925ECGC Ltd.Company Update
Sep 28, 2023090777Compagnie Centrale de RéassuranceCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023085909Aviva plcCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023076359Heartland Fidelity Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023069191Humana Health of Puerto Rico GroupCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023070832Humana Health GroupCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023092576Beneficial Insurance LimitedCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023058052Humana Inc.Company Update
Sep 28, 2023093970Cathay Century Insurance Co LtdCompany Update
Sep 28, 2023002664Adriatic Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 27, 2023018760Fire Districts Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 27, 2023018576Pacific Specialty Insurance GroupCompany Update
Sep 27, 2023093682Optimum Reassurance Inc. (BBB)Company Update
Sep 27, 2023058517Stewart Information Services CorporationCompany Update
Sep 27, 2023018628Stewart Title GroupCompany Update
Sep 27, 2023090909Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins Co LtdCompany Update
Sep 27, 2023043234Olé Insurance Group Corp I.I.Preliminary Credit Assessment
Sep 26, 2023086573Red River Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 26, 2023023354Jet Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 26, 2023051160Intact Financial CorporationIssue Credit Ratings Only
Sep 22, 2023002854MGA Insurance Company, Inc.Company Update
Sep 22, 2023020583HiRoad Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023001767State Farm LloydsCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023018688State Farm Indemnity GroupCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023002478State Farm General Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023012235State Farm Florida Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023070126State Farm Life GroupCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023000088State Farm GroupCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023074969Reaseguradora Delta, S.A.Company Update
Sep 22, 2023092884M&C General Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023095896RF&G Insurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Sep 22, 2023052831Essent Group Ltd.Company Update
Sep 22, 2023077239Compania Reaseguradora del Ecuador SACompany Update
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Rating Descriptor Definitions

Company Update: Applies to entities whose Best’s Financial Strength Ratings and/or Best’s Issuer Credit Ratings have been updated, or Rating Units whose member companies’ credit ratings have been updated. Includes initial credit ratings. May include new Best’s Issue Credit Ratings or updates to existing Best’s Issue Credit Ratings.

Issue Credit Ratings Only: Applies only to entities for which Best’s Issue Credit Ratings have been assigned for recently issued debt instruments. Does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entities themselves.

Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA): An independent opinion of the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or proposed transaction or financing structure, based primarily on business plans, term sheets, and AM Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. AM Best does not define a PCA as a credit rating, though the assessment is expressed using the Best’s Credit Rating scale.