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Jan 21, 2022018914FFVA Mutual Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jan 21, 2022020964Pedcor Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 21, 2022071760Accelerant Insurance LimitedCompany Update
Jan 21, 2022044682Accelerant Holdings (Cayman) Ltd.Company Update
Jan 21, 2022008419Nippon Life Insurance Company of AmericaCompany Update
Jan 21, 2022090826Nippon Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 21, 2022020822Federated Underwriting CompanyCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022012082First Guard Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022020241Delta Dental of Minnesota GroupCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022070543Renaissance Life & Health GroupCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022077151EFU General Insurance LimitedCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022000730Westfield GroupCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022086271Hotai Insurance Co., Ltd.Company Update
Jan 20, 2022020981Greater Midwestern Indemnity CompanyCompany Update
Jan 20, 2022020982Greater Mid-Atlantic Indemnity CompanyCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022062248EyeMed Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022000107Allegheny Casualty CompanyCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022018240Harco National GroupCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022057453IAT Reinsurance Company Ltd.Company Update
Jan 19, 2022064537Delta Dental Plan of New Mexico, Inc.Company Update
Jan 19, 2022070859Delta Dental Plan of Michigan GroupCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022010543Maple Valley Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022094375Société Hospitalière d’Assurances MutCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022091215Halyk Insurance Company JSCCompany Update
Jan 19, 2022010524Farmers Mutual of TennesseeCompany Update
Jan 18, 2022011236Illinois State Bar Assn Mut Ins CoCompany Update
Jan 18, 2022091982Swiss Re Corporate Solutions LtdCompany Update
Jan 18, 2022003650Texas Hospital Insurance ExchangeCompany Update
Jan 18, 2022011697ProAssurance Specialty Ins Co, Inc.Company Update
Jan 14, 2022001776American Inter-Fidelity ExchangeCompany Update
Jan 14, 2022002178Associated Indemnity CorporationCompany Update
Jan 14, 202201168421st Century Auto Ins Co of New JerseyCompany Update
Jan 14, 202200235921st Century Pacific Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 14, 202201176821st Century Indemnity Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 14, 2022071152Caring Communities, a Reciprocal RRGCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022069357Liberty Life Assurance of Boston CABCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022018502FM Global GroupCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022005686Protective Insurance Corporation GroupCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022000547National Continental Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022058454Progressive CorporationCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022084184South China Insurance Co LtdCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022009350USAble LifeCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022009345LifeMap Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022006627Lincoln Life Assurance Company of BostonCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022051053Plateau Group, Inc.Company Update
Jan 13, 2022088859Hannover Life Reassurance Bermuda LtdCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022084092Hannover Rück SECompany Update
Jan 13, 2022018767Mountain West Insurance GroupCompany Update
Jan 13, 2022000578Marysville Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Jan 12, 2022010546Mennonite Aid Plan of the Pacific CoastCompany Update
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Rating Descriptor Definitions

Company Update: Applies to entities whose Best’s Financial Strength Ratings and/or Best’s Issuer Credit Ratings have been updated, or Rating Units whose member companies’ credit ratings have been updated. Includes initial credit ratings. May include new Best’s Issue Credit Ratings or updates to existing Best’s Issue Credit Ratings.

Issue Credit Ratings Only: Applies only to entities for which Best’s Issue Credit Ratings have been assigned for recently issued debt instruments. Does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entities themselves.

Preliminary Credit Assessment (PCA): An independent opinion of the relative general credit strengths and weaknesses of an issuer, obligor, security, or proposed transaction or financing structure, based primarily on business plans, term sheets, and AM Best's expectations relative to the execution of such business plans. AM Best does not define a PCA as a credit rating, though the assessment is expressed using the Best’s Credit Rating scale.

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